Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Books, Books, and more Books

At the start of 2009 I made some goals and resolutions and I also forced myself (with the urging of my husband) to clean out my bookshelves yet again. Last year I bought, traded, and was given such an enormous amount of books (some of which are still waiting for me) that I had to buy two new bookshelves. Cleaning out my collection seemed doubly hard this year because I discovered many different genres (paranormal, urban fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) and so many amazing new authors.

The bookshelf in my bedroom houses my definite keepers. These are comprised of books by authors such as Linda Howard, Julia Quinn, Marian Keyes, Lisa Marie Rice, and Jane Austen to name a few. These books I know I’ll read again and again. And even if it’ll be a couple years until I get to them, some books I simply cannot part with.

The bookshelf next to my computer is comprised of craft books, dictionaries, tons of travel books, old copies of Better Homes and Gardens (don’t ask) and a random book on feng shui—which if you could see my office you’d know I’m not utilizing.

For some reason when I finish a book and I love it, I find it hard to part with, even if I know I won’t read it again. I know it will gather dust on my shelf, but I just can’t seem to give it away. Last year I loved the first two books in a three book series and absolutely hated the third book, but can’t part with it because it seems wrong to separate them.

Are you a book hoarder or you do freely pass on your reads? What happens if you don’t care for a book? Do you still pass it on to a friend? What authors do you find yourself going back to again and again?


Dara Edmondson said...

I also keep my favorites as well as those written by friends;-) and autographed books. I very rarely read a book twice, but feel the need to hang onto some anyway. Those I don't like go to Goodwill while those I do like, I'll pass to friends. I have no room to keep too many - no place to put more shelves!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

I'm such a book hoarder. I still have picture books I read to the kids, a series of books I loved as a kid, every book I've loved since high school....

I finally got with the millenium and bought a Kindle. I didn't think I could make the transition--books are such a sensory experience with me, but I'm truly smitted with it now.

It was either that, or buy a house just for my books. :) DH had problems with that for some reason...*sigh*

J.M.Cornwell said...

As a book reviewer, I get a lot of books (89 reviewed from Authorlink alone last year), and that doesn't include the books I buy for myself. When I moved last year most of the boxes were filled with books, overwhelmingly so. What I do with review books I don't intend to keep is donate and gift them. I have a lot of friends and family and know most of their preferences, so several times a year I box up books and toddle off to the post office or give them to local friends. The rest go to the library as donations. I need room for my own books -- and my growing collection of paper journals.

Katie Reus said...

Dara - I definitely keep the ones written by friends - they have their own shelves ;)

Liane - I bought a Sony eReader too, but for some reason that hasn't curbed my addiction to print books. At one time I thought it would, but not so much, lol. Maybe I need to join a group or something.

JM - I actually do that too :) My MIL reads a lot of thrillers and mysteries so I mail a box to her every so often.

Jax Cassidy said...

I'm with you...I like to horde books that I love...but I will pass them off it I think the friend would love the book too. If it's a bad book, I'm guilty of donating it or passing it with a bunch of other books to friends so they can draw their own conclusions. What may not be for me may strike someone else :)

Tambra said...

Hi Katie,

The authors I keep returning to all have strong characterization and plot. Sherrilyn Kenyon, Angela Knight, Deidre Knight, Kerrelyn Sparks, Kimberly Raye, Nina Bangs.

Yes, I hoard boooks and rarely loan them out. If do come across some books I don't like I take them to a local resale or donate them to our local women's shelter.

Tambra Kendall


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