Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Workshop by Tambra plus More

I'm using today's blog time to let you know what's coming up starting April 1:

At Coffee Time Romance, April 1-15 I'll be teaching a workshop on The Basics of Romance Writing. If you played with the idea of writing romance or have recently started your writing journey come and join me.

There will lots of charts and handouts. You can also ask writing craft questions.

Go to the message board area of Coffee Time.
You have to be a member of Coffee Time but the sign up is quick and easy.

Also a group of authors I'm with, the Daughters of Circe will have the days of April 1-20 at Coffee Time Romace to discuss our books, answer questions, have readers ask us questions. Kind of like two-and-a-half weeks of book discussion and fun with readers.
Daughters of Circe members:
Tambra Kendall/Keelia Greer
Michelle Hasker
Kim Rees/Kim Knox
Bianca D'Arc
Aline de Chivigny
Jennie Andrus/Piper Evyns
Elena Croft
Merris Hawk
Talya Bosco
Dawn Mongomery

You can take a free workshop from and then pop over to read excerpts and see what other things we'll have for readers. I know I'll be giving away something for a contest.

All the fun begins Wednesday. Hope to see you there!



Destiny Blaine said...

Dropping in to take a look around. Tambra left the link at JAPM so I'll stop in again soon.


Tessy said...

I'm sure the workshop will be a blast...good luck, Tambra.

Tambra said...

Hi Destiny,

Thanks for stopping by! We have a great variety of topics here on Writers Gone Wild.

Hope to see you soon!


Tambra said...

Hi Tessy,

Thanks so much! I'm sure the workshop will be fun. I have lots of handouts and am ready to answer questions.

I taught this at San Jacinto College for their Continuing Education department.

Thanks for stopping by!


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