Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celebrating the Summer of Love (with a menage!)

Got menage?

I do, finally. At least in print. :) And what better era to set a love story involving the utter abandonment of sexual inhibitions than the late 1960's? It only felt natural as I created Trey, the sexy Time Strider who spreads his steamy brand of sexual healing throughout time in the upcoming Three Kinds of Wicked series, that he'd meet Sage, his lady love, as she made her journey to Woodstock.

What I didn't realize as I crafted Wicked Temptation, the kick off story to the Three Kinds of Wicked series, is that this very summer marks the fortieth anniversary of The Summer of Love.

Wow. Forty years. Quick, somebody stick me with a syringe of Botox before my forehead crinkles in an unbecoming and quite possibly permanent expression of surprise.

So, with *that* confession behind me (this blog tends to cause me to post before I think better of what I've said...) I tend to live with my head in the clouds when I write. But for some reason, as I did the historical research for Wicked Temptation, it still didn't click in my math-challenged mind that what I was writing about--the Summer of Love--would eventually be released so close to this important anniversary.(Can Botox go to your brain?)

So...being the first class promo ho that I am, and in celebration of this serendipitous marketing opportunity, I'm having a little contest this week. The winning comment and runners up will run on the debut post on the Three Kinds of Wicked blog on Friday. So you're going to have to check out *that* blog to find out if you won. :) (Told ya. Promo ho. And it was only a *little* Botox)

Many feel the Summer of Love changed the world forever. If you know anything about Kronos vs. Kairos--well, let's just say August 1969 was all about Kairos. (Big hint to the content of end story of the series, so file it away!)

So, tell me. Where were you during August, 1969 during the peak of the Summer of Love? How did this summer change *your* life? And if you were but an itch in your Daddy's underwear, tell me where you *wish* you were had you lived during those pivotal times. How you think you *might* have been changed by the Summer of Love?

And if you actually went to Woodstock? Major brownie points.

The first place comment will receive an advanced copy of "Wicked Temptation", the kick-off title in Red Sage Publishing's *first* author developed series, Three Kinds of Wicked.

The First place winner *and* how ever many runners up I think warrant it (minimum 2) will receive a hand-beaded set of "love beads" remniscent of the ones Sage wears in Wicked Temptation. These lovely beads are made of genuine multi-hued gemstones, and are hand strung by my beautiful son, who has autism. So yeah, they're special, and truly one of a kind. :) My very own version of a miracle to share with my readers.

And now for the icky legalese part. By entering, you certify that you are over eighteen years old. You'll also be giving me permission to run your comment(s)on the Three Kinds of Wicked blog. So hurry up, get to posting those comments before I get all sentimental and start posting pictures of sixties beefcake all over this thing. (Hush, Maree LOL)


MarnieColette said...

I was not even an itch in either of parents minds. If I had been I would have loved to be in Hollywood during that time period. I don't know why but I that is where I would be... of course I would also be a hollywood starlet breaking the molds of the past.

Amy S. said...

I would loved to have went to Woodstock but happened before I was born. lol.

Caffey said...

I was 8 years old then (Gosh I'm now revealing everything, LOL. I do remember and still do see on TV a couple of times Woodstock, but being deaf, I'm not familiar with the music then or much around it. I do know that some from my family went but not who. I know that it was a huge time of being free, being yourself. I'm not one who likes crowds, but I do love the outdoors and always dream of being in Scotland in the hills there with nothing for miles and just feeling the breeze and feeling free.

Maree Anderson said...

Just clicked on the Three Kinds Of Wicked link and...OMG, what is that man doing with his hands??? I'm having wicked thoughts right now -- real wicked! Would love to stay and chat but I'm too distracted to make any sense.

Uhhh... see ya!

Note to self: now's a good time to write a really naughty scene in my current wip.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Well I wasn't even an itch yet but if I had been alive, I would have probably been taking place in civil rights activities. Very scary but very important. I would have loved to be a part of that movement.

Caffey said...

To do this, I'm too revealing my age :). I was 8 years old. I'm deaf so I wouldn't have gone anyways, but I remember a friend talking about it (honestly I'd ask her if it was her that went too, but I'd not able to reach her). But I remembered she was in a band because I used to see her playing the guitar and being picked up by some in a van to go practice or traveling. I think I would have loved to travel with her because she was going all over the place! So I remember vans and others trying to learn to play guitar then!

Murphy said...

Okay, you kinda freaked me out - 40 years? Yikes!

Man, it used to be that some of us simply couldn’t recall the time we spent there because we were too wasted to - but now? I suppose some of us are old enough NOT to remember our experience there because of dementia setting in. Holy Crap! This can’t be...because um, I’m one of them! ;)

Ah, thanks for pointing this out. NOT! :D

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. We still have a few to collect, but I'll be posting the winners late tonight on the Three Kinds of Wicked blog, so don't forget to stop by!

Murphy--I stopped by your profile because your name was new to me. So glad you stopped by. Our writer journeys are very similar, so I just wanted to tell you, write on, girlfriend! :)

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Marie, we won't hold your youth against you! I think I'd have been somewhere in Hollywood, too, had I be of age during that amazing time. As it was, I was too young to really remember it well. All I know is the world, it was a changin'. I truly loved writing about the era.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Amy, you young thing you, LOL! You can still enter though, if you just let me know where you wish you'd been had you been alive then. :) Go ahead and give it a shot!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

OK, girls, going over to threekindsofwicked@blogspot.com to post our winners! Good luck!


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