Monday, January 31, 2011

Creativity Explosion! Go for it!

Creativity Explosion
by Tambra Kendall

Through the years, I've found most creative people don't create in only one area. They are like me. Besides writing fiction, nonfiction for my classes along with articles, I also am a watercolorist.
My spare bedroom in my house has my sewing machine. In my backyard I have my art studio where my art supplies and craft items reside.

Does any of this sound familiar?

My Muse isn't limited to writing only. Boxing him/her in is a big no-no. Creativity is alive and fluid. You never know what or when it will spark.

Cooking is another area where the muse can be inspired. Food is a visual, sensual experience that feeds body and soul.

Two areas my Muse is pulling me toward is getting my fantasy art prepared and ready to sell and writing song lyrics. My song writing experience is extremely limited. I tried my hand at it back in 1988. Since I'm being strongly led, I'll focus on those areas along with finishing my writing project.

I can hear people saying how am I going to get all of this done. Good question.
I'm a slow writer. If I want to accomplish all of this I need to write faster (but write to the best of my ability)and submit more.

Will I accomplish all of this? Who knows. The fun is the journey.

When the art is ready I'll post more details. <---Accountability

Don't limit yourself or your Muse. The opportunity to spread your wings is everywhere. Do something everyday to help you reach your goals.
Our books won't write themselves. Paintings won't paint themselves.

Let your creativity explode! Go and do something fun and new. Give yourself and your Muse permission to step outside of the boundaries.



Kaylea Cross said...

Hey Tambra. I'd like to add feeding your muse in those other ways will no doubt pay off with your writing in the long run. Little ideas will percolate while you're painting or writng lyrics too.
I love to paint (acrylics) and garden, so those are the other ways I feed my muse. Used to quilt, but I haven't done that since my babies were born :)

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Lord said...

oh wait there it is. Fucking popup! Anyway, good idea Tambra. It's important not to stifle the muse for any reason. Just take it from me, you KNOW what I did the last time I shut down...

Tambra said...

Hi Kaylea,

You're right about doing other creative endeavors and having writing ideas come to life.

Thanks so much for posting and adding what you do with your Muse.


Tambra said...

Hi Sascha,

I've learned to let my Muse explore and try new things. (Within reason, of course.) Sometimes I just need the change or the experience of just giving another creavite outlet some room.

You are extreme for me, Sasha. LOL
You need to take care of yourself, my friend. You are needed.



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