Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secrets Volume 30 cover is officialy unleashed!

Hi all,

Yay. I don't have to fret about what to post today because, after an incredibly shitful week involving blown light-bulbs, hair dyers that give up the ghost, koozed fridge/freezers chock full of newly purchased meat and frozen food, and DH's who end up in the middle of 4-car accidents, not freaking winning Lotto meaning we'll be spending Easter searching for a new car that we can't really afford, and unfortunate encounters with stairs and concrete, I FINALLY HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS TO SHARE!


Do I need to tell you how lucky you are? Well, you are. Because if this good news hadn't hit my inbox, I was going to be ranting about my shitful week. But hey, if you really have a hankering to read all about Murphy's Law, and why Murphy didn't appreciate me going public with my version of the "bad shit happens in threes" rule and how I reckon I'd beaten it, and how I was proven wrong, oh-so-very-wrong *whimper* you can read about it here.

But back to the good news!

It's official. I can now officially unleash the cover of the upcoming Red Sage Secrets Volume 30 Desires Unleashed anthology.

And here it is:

OMG, did you see it? That really is my name there on the cover! Squeee! My first ever print book! I'm mega-thrilled and hugely excited! Not that you could ever tell! *VBG*

What do you think?

I love it. But then, I'm totally biased and I can't really get past seeing my name on the cover *g*

I've even got a full cover jpeg with the front, spine and back, too. But I'll leave that one for Anne to reveal, since I got in first -- sorry Anne! ;-)

Oh, and here's the blurb for my novella from the anthology:

Kat On A Hot Tin Roof ~ Workaholic architect, Jace Burton, inadvertently flashes Kat Meyer, who later turns up at a crucial meeting... and seduces him in the bathroom. She's one of the designers vying to impress him. And boy, is he impressed when he discovers her prowling his house -- naked. Kat has no clue what's causing her nocturnal wanderings. And when Jace discovers she's the victim of a zodiac curse, will he fight to keep her, or run for the hills?

BTW, you have no idea how hard it was to take my original blurb and shorten it to fit on this back cover. It was like having my teeth pulled. By a grumpy dentist. Who'd run out of anesthetic. It was a special circle of hell, I tell you! (Perfect subject for a blog about the experience -- hence the aforementioned link. Yanno, because after my last Writers Gone Wild post, I'm still feeling a bit linky. Sorry.)

Right. Now it's off to do copy-edits for Kat and Jace. Catch you in a couple of weeks! Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;-)



Jenna McCormick said...

OMG, CONGRATS! (on the book, not the super shitty week ;-)That first print book, oh, so exciting. Wait til you hold it in your hot little hands, it's an awesome feeling! And I see another wild woman's name on there, is that our Anne Kane? Oh it's going on my TBR list right now!

Logan Belle said...

I love it! It's sleek and sexy and reminds me books I would ogle at the store when I was a teenager -- dying to read but not allowed to buy. Congrats!

Ginny said...
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Gail Hart said...

Aw, sorry about your shitful week, Maree, but that cover certainly makes up for some of the bad stuff. Those patterned stockings are hawt, and two Writers Gone Wild in one volume is almost more awesomeness than a girl can stand. Do let us know when you have a firm release date. *snicker*

Kaylea Cross said...

Way to go, Maree! That man on the cover is soooo hot :)

When's the release date?

Saranna DeWylde said...

Sorry about the shitful week, doll. But I love the description.

Now. SQUEEEEE. YAY. That's such great news and it's such a rush to see your name on a cover like that. I don't think it will ever get old. :)


That's really great.

I love the title too. That's one of my favorite Liz Taylor movies. :)

Maree Anderson said...

Awww.... thanks you guys. I knew you'd understand where I'm coming from. You rock!!!

And as for firming things up? You'll be the first to know *g*

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Ohhhhh, that's hot!!!!!! Congrats Maree! So sorry to be late on my comment....was travelling yesterday!


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