Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Point of View

Point of View
By Karly Lane for Writers Gone Wild.

When I first started writing, I had no idea what a POV even was—I just wrote the story and sometimes it was in two POV's and sometimes it was more, but it wasn't until I was actually published that I realized this is apparently a big deal!
I have issues with my POV's. With The Wild Rose Press, I've had every one of my villains POV cut and because these were my first books ever published, I didn't put up a fight to keep them…looking back now, I really hate that I didn't stand firm on this.
The villain's POV is just as important, particularly in a romantic Suspense as the hero/ heroine's. I guess we live and learn, but I still feel sad that a really important part of my story line was cut out.
Moving forward to my present day release, North Star, I got to the editing stage and it was suggested that we go from two POV's to just one, the heroine, Kate's.
Yes, I did initially baulk at that suggestion, until I took a deep breath (and a stiff drink or two) and realized that in this case, cutting the other POV actually made a great deal of sense. This story was primarily Kate's story, and as such, really should be in her POV. That doesn't mean I didn't hate cutting the hero's POV out, but if I have learnt anything over the last few books, it’s that sometimes you need to step back from your work and try and be objective…once again alcohol can help dull this process!!!!!!
I also try and delude myself with the thought that I never delete anything I cut from a story…so the knowledge that at least on my hard drive somewhere, that little piece of my character will still be there and if all else fails, I can put it back in!!!!
My next book with Allen & Unwin is also in one POV, again the heroine's, and I think in the start it was because I'd been in the habit writing one POV with North Star, but I can't help but wonder if I'm struggling a little more with this one because it's in the one POV? Either that or it's my whole plotting to within an inch of my life I did with this one…but that's a whole different blog issue!
So, what's your take on Point of Views? As a reader and/or writer? Do you enjoy reading/ writing multiple POV's? does it make the story more multi dimensional for you? Or can you get just as much satisfaction/ information from one POV?


Lisa said...

I think it really depends on the story as to which pov I write in. My first two books are first person pov and they worked out great. Both books were about the heroine's journey and writing from her pov made sense. Book three...well, it needed another pov. Both my hero and my heroine embarked on a long journey, and had I not shared both pov's, I think the story would have suffered.

Jenn Hart said...

"sometimes you need to step back from your work and try and be objective…"

So wise and oh so true. This post is timely for me. I'm looking down the barrel of rewriting one of my favorite stories, transitioning from first to third POV. It's gonna hurt, but I'm hoping it'll pay off.

Gail Hart said...

I'm not sure I've ever read a one POV book that wasn't in first person. In general I'd rather get both POVs if the story is a romance, and I agree that the villain's POV adds something to romantic suspense stories. Actually a former crit partner had a romantic suspense published by TWRP that did include a couple of scenes in the villain's POV. They made the story richer IMO.

Amber said...

I love first person POVs and I'm fine with the "standard" which would be the hero and heroine POVs in third person. I typically don't actually like to get the villain's POV or supporting characters, even if they are getting their own HEA. I try to avoid books with multiple plotlines for this reason. If I start to feel I can get away with it, I will literally skip over the other POVs. That's just my personal preferences.

Saranna DeWylde said...

I'd rather see both the hero and heroine's POV. I like that feeling of being able to flip open the character's heads and walk for a while in their shoes.

I dislike first person intensely. Although, some stories call for it. I will write whatever the story tells me to. As far as reading, unless it's someone I know can pull it off, I don't buy first person books.

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Isn't it amazing how many different opinions you can get from this? Just goes to show why there are so many books out there!!

Trisha said...

Well, I've written my romance from the hero's and heroine's perspective, and yet the first book is plain heroine. I personally think it works, but then I love reading hero's POV in other books too :)


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