Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving: Part 2

Jennifer L Hart for Writers Gone Wild

Okay, I had something shallow and vapid about cover designed scheduled to post and then I read Gail's thanksgiving post and decided that I'm not that much of a tool and I should maintain the facade of being a decent human being.

(For the vapid cover design post see the Laundry List)

What I'm thankful for.

1) Steam fresh vegetables- Because I can always add a side dish of healthy fare to our dinner in under five minutes. This has come in particularly handy when I scorch the pot AND the steamer full of broccoli that we were supposed to have in the first place because I was struck with an idea I just had to write down during meal prep.

2) My husband is currently employed and we have health care with co pays. Because for parts of this past year he wasn't and we didn't. Then he was and then wasn't and then was, and then wasn't and health care without co pays is scary, especially when they charge $97.00 for a doctor to tell me to give my asthmatic child Claritin.

3.) Maree and Robin have helped me navigate cover design, thus enabling me to self-publish and collect awesome reviews on books that would have not been seen otherwise. And Rae Monet for designing Jenna's glorious website and the beautiful covers that make up for a lot! (See the latest here)

4.) Liane, Gail, Kaylea and Logan as well as Candi Wall and Courtney Sheets for taking time out of their extremely busy lives and beta reading for me.

5.) Saranna because she reads every damn thing I send her, good, bad and smutty, fixes it and asks for more. Who listens to me kvetch for hours and is still willing to be my roommate at RT.

6.) My children and husband who are happy and healthy and starting to get the idea that me writing means, unless you are on fire, you better not interrupt.

7.) And lastly, to all the people who have read one of my books. Thank you.

Gotta run before I scorch another pot.


Kaylea Cross said...

Jen, that cover is stunning! I keep staring at it. Rae did it, huh? It's so delicious.

I'm glad you're thankful for all those things. I'm also thankful for my health and my kids (oh, and my hubby!), that I have a solid roof over my head and food in my refrigerator. I'm thankful I live in a free and relatively safe country.

When you look at it like that, life is pretty damn good, isn't it? Too often we get caught up in all the small details and forget to see how many blessings we really have.

Gail Hart said...

Aw geeze, I wasn't trying to make you feel like a tool - which you totally aren't! Happy turkey day, "sis."

Saranna DeWylde said...

I think those hours of Kvetching go both ways, doll.

I am so thankful you too.

All you hookers. ;)


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